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Handcrafted Rotating Selections

We love cigars. Not sure where to start? We'll be happy to teach you. Our collection includes limited releases, premiere, powerhouse, boutique and luxury options. Our standards are high, and you'll see it reflected in the options in our humidor.

Exclusive Premium Powerhouse


A top shelf luxury brand that are particular about where they are sold. The Vault is one of the only places in the state of Idaho authorized to carry these cigars.

Unique Boutiques

Premium Powerhouses

Reach for the top shelf quality. These cigars are better than you find in many big cigar and smoke stores. Brands we carry in this category include:

  • El Septimo
  • My Father
  • Dunbaron
  • Room 101

Small Batch Exclusives

Small Batch, Limited Release

Handmade and small batch specialty cigars are some of our favorites that we carry. These cigars are high quality, small batch only creations. The saddest thing about them is when they are gone, they are gone!

  • Prodomo
  • Arturo


Your Tobbaccanists

Company You Can Count On

Whether you are new and need somebody to help you know where to start or experienced and need somebody to enjoy the depths of the hobby we are here for you. You can reach out to any of our Tobacconists around the bar to help you find the perfect cigar for your experience.

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